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Before setting out to build your own house, you must determine where you want to build and purchase the land and pay all the necessary levies. like here in portharcourt, pay for obiakpor, building permit etc. Then the next question is what is the purpose of your building? for you to stay in or for rent? I will advice you build for rent because the money it generates will be reinvested to build your villa if you wish.Never borrow money and build and live in it rather borrow and build and rent it out, so the rent will service the loan. Building a house is a long process so it needs to be well planned. Engage professionals! We are always dedicated to serving you better! contact us today for more advice!

The Most Popular Towns to Buy a Vacation Home

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Mansion with chairs and palmsThe economy is improving, banks are beginning to ease standards for lending, and mortgage rates are near their record lows. These factors are making it easier for Americans to wade into the real estate market again. For those who can afford it, even vacation property, either as a second home or as an investment to rent out, is increasingly in high demand.

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According to real estate website Trulia, there are several commonly searched-for vacation spots all over the country, from Big Deer Lake, Calif., to Panama City Beach, Fla. Right now, no spot is in higher demand than Ocean City, N.J. Based on searches on real estate listing service Trulia, these are the most popular towns to buy a vacation home.

Not surprisingly, people who are searching for the most-sought after locations tend to live within driving distance of the vacation spot…

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Leaders should remove barriers … sometimes they make them worse

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bigstock-Underwater-photo-big-Pike-Eso-32739506Would you recognize an esox lucius if you saw one? Commonly called the Northern Pike, it is a 25-40 pound freshwater game fish. If you observe it in an aquarium, you realize quickly that this animal is the consummate carnivore. Its predatory style is to suspend itself very still in the water until a potential target gets close. Then the pike snatches it and devours it in the blink of an eye. It can literally empty out a fish tank in minutes.

But what happens if the environment is altered and obstacles are added? Researchers experimented with just that by lowering a glass barrier into the aquarium separating the pike on one side from food fish on the other. When the pike goes after a nearby minnow, it runs into the invisible divider. And after a while, the pike stops trying.

But this gets even more interesting. The observers next…

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A2W Social Media Port Harcourt


Today I came for my first ever Social Media Conference. I sat in front, I got a free book, by answering a question of how many people are in Avenues to Wealth Nigeria. It’s been an exciting and fulfilling day for me up till now, and I am so excited.

I plan to learn a few more things, and I will grow my team to 10,000 in the next 1 year…. and my readers say …. AMEN!!!